Are you having problems in your relationships? And you don’t know why
Have you recently broke up with a love one and you really don’t know why?
Has a another person gotten in the way of your happiness?
Are you feeling lonely even when there is people around you?

Miss White is a true Psychic & Tarot Card Reader. She will amaze you with her ability to read the
Tarot Cards and explain there meaning to you for an accurate Tarot Card Reading. Any type of reading
is use as a tool to explain to you where you are now and where you are going. If you are not sure of
the things that have happened around you. A tarot card reading will give you the insight you need.
Tarot Card Reader Miss White will explain to you what is going on at the time you speak to her and
what the future holds. She will advise you on the topics that are important to you. She will tell you
your past, present, and future. She will touch on topics that you deal with on a every day basis in.


The Tarot Cards will answer all your questions in all aspect of your life. She will be able to set your
mind at rest cause you will  know where you are going in the future. Spiritual Reader Miss White will
guide you to the right path to a better future.

The Tarot Cards are the oldest and frequent used tools in todays readings. The Tarot Cards consist of
78 cards. Which are broken up in to 2 different parts.
The first part of 22 cards are esoteric,
( GREATER MEANING ) And deals with the more major parts of your life.

And the remaining 56 cards are secondary cards which deal with your every day life.
The card links to four elements. That are very important when doing a tarot card reading. They help in
clarify where you been, Where you are, and where you are going. The different of  the  4 elements are


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CUPS: Is water - love - emotions - friendship

PENTACLES: Is earth stability finances - practicality  possessions.

SWORDS: Is fire - energy - will -  temper - testing.

WANDS: Is air - intellect - logic -  reason - skill - knowledge  problems.
Psychic & Tarot Card Readings
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Specializes in Reconnecting Relationships